Sunday, 14 September 2014

Austin Healey at the White Lion meet

A free morning and Kim out shopping meant it was a daddy daughter mission in the Camper. On the A30 and pulling into the White Lion Antiques centre carpark there were a few classics already parked up on Austin Healey Day. As well as a trio of Italian exotica.

 photo Whitelion17.jpg

 photo Whitelion18.jpg

 photo Whitelion20.jpg

 photo Whitelion12.jpg

With a rumbling tummy, we headed for the breakfast stand and nabbed a sausage and bacon bap between us and wandered back to the Camper to munch. We had carpark buddy as well in the form of a fully restored Fiat 500. Full up once more we ventured out for a walk round, the carpark was filling up with a huge variety of classics.

 photo Whitelion01.jpg

 photo Whitelion05.jpg

  photo Whitelion32.jpg

  photo Whitelion35.jpg

  photo Whitelion41.jpg

A pair of X1/9s turned up as well.

 photo Whitelion08.jpg

 photo Whitelion53.jpg

 photo Whitelion45.jpg

We had a walk round the antiques centre before heading back outside, by now the field was in use and around a 100 classics were on show. Its amazing how many this little meet can draw in each time.

 photo Whitelion54.jpg

 photo Whitelion57.jpg

 photo Whitelion61.jpg

 photo Whitelion64.jpg

On the field, fellow Dubber Harry turned up, he was soon joined by a new Morgan three wheeler and an amazing Mclaren M6 kitcar, built from moulds taken from prototype number 4 in the 1990s it gathered a huge crowd.

 photo Whitelion71.jpg

 photo Whitelion74.jpg

 photo Whitelion76.jpg

Having a family can often rule out classic ownership. With the Camper and Beetle we have a family friendly pair that can be used easily. Just coming up to classic status, and perfect for transporting the family around. This Lotus Carlton was obviously dads pride and joy and came with two kiddy seats fitted.

 photo Whitelion78.jpg

We finished off looking round before heading home for lunch. There are White Lion meets running through until Christmas, so we hope to get back out again at least once this year.