Sunday, 12 July 2015

The Friday gang Wally campout

Its now a tradition that one of the many camping trips of the year is to Wally with all Lily's little friends that used to meet up on a Friday. With most now in pre-school and with parents working it was a slow start. I roll in just after midday and found our spot under the trees at the end of the site.

 photo wally1501.jpg

Within a couple of hours I was pitched, showered and sipping ice cold cider in the chair before falling asleep reading a book! Soon the tranquillity was shattered by the arrival one after the other of the five families joining us.

 photo wally1502.jpg

Much pegging and erecting and we had a little village of tents. Dinner was rustled up and soon it was bedtime for the small ones. Herding nine children to bed is never an easy task, but by the time it was dark most were snoozing away. Leaving the adults to natter until midnight.

 photo wally1503.jpg

 photo wally1506.jpg

Saturday dawned bright and sunny and soon everyone was up, pancakes were made for the kids and a variety of fried efforts fed the adults.

 photo wally1507.jpg

 photo wally1509.jpg

 photo wally1510.jpg

As is the norm we set off for town, coffees and lunches were taken to the Castle grounds where a picnic under the trees gave enough energy to climb to the top of the castle hill and back.

 photo wally1512.jpg

 photo wally1513.jpg

 photo wally1515.jpg

On to the splashpool to cool off and ice creams before the majority headed back to camp for the afternoon. A couple of us went hunter gatherer and bought meat for the BBQ.

 photo wally1517.jpg

 photo wally1518.jpg

With three hot grills going we turned £50 worth of meat into feast and left many with the meat sweats. Then a round of smores were served up, choccy biscuits with melted marshmallow in the middle.

 photo wally1519.jpg

 photo wally1520.jpg

 photo wally1523.jpg

 photo wally1527.jpg

 photo wally1528.jpg

 photo wally1530.jpg

 photo wally1531.jpg

With the knackered kids far easier to get into bed we again settled in for a night of natter and cider.

 photo wally1532.jpg

 photo wally1533.jpg

Rain greeted us on Sunday, but it soon cleared and after a mammoth breakfast of bacon, black pudding & mushroom wraps with optional fried egg we packed away dry. The children sat and read books and before long it was goodbye time.

 photo wally1535.jpg

 photo wally1537.jpg

 photo wally1538.jpg

We trundled into the town and parked up for a quick walk round and a coffee before the slow cruise back. It was another successful weekend under canvas/tintop. The adults got to relax (a bit) and the kids all played nicely, there were no broken bones (just!) and now the planning begins for the next one!

 photo wally1540.jpg


Sunday, 5 July 2015

Berkshire Motor Show

With it being the first Sunday of the month, we'd already planned a trip to the steam trains at Prospect Park. But an advert on FB showed there was a car show there all day as well. Kim set off on a 8.5 mile walk and after making a picnic Lily and I set off in the Beetle. We were too late in the day to join LTV on the field as they wanted cars in at 8:30am and not moving until the end. I'm quite glad we didn't in the end! Parking in general we met up with Kim and walked around. There were a few big rigs.

 photo BerksMotor01.jpg

 photo BerksMotor03.jpg

 photo BerksMotor04.jpg

The car show itself was weirdly split from an area in the middle, some odd bits at the side, two clubs by the trees and a couple of lines at the end. From looking at photos from previous years I was expecting some nice classics.....there were a few, but it mainly seemed to be some rather dodgy moderns. I'm not one to be snobby, but the Hyundai Coupe Club stand did nothing for me at all. Anyway, we had a look round some of the cars.

 photo BerksMotor05.jpg

 photo BerksMotor07.jpg

 photo BerksMotor09.jpg

 photo BerksMotor11.jpg

 photo BerksMotor16.jpg

Lily had a go on hook a duck and was pleased with her sweetie haul, which she munched until we got to the reptile tent. Then the lure of hold a big snake was too much. The man did offer something smaller, but she was insistent on getting to grips with the 10kg Boa Constrictor.

 photo BerksMotor18.jpg

 photo BerksMotor19.jpg

A few more cars and we made it to the LTV stand. Some slightly cheesed off members had the same thought as us about the content of the show and were planning to leave ealry.

 photo BerksMotor20.jpg

 photo BerksMotor21.jpg

 photo BerksMotor23.jpg

 photo BerksMotor24.jpg

 photo BerksMotor27.jpg

 photo BerksMotor02.jpg

With our picnic under the trees over we clambered aboard the Beetle for the short drive down the the trains. For 50p a ride we hurtled round the two tracks and had  drink before heading home.

 photo BerksMotor28.jpg

 photo BerksMotor29.jpg

 photo BerksMotor30.jpg

We'll be back for more trains in the future. The same can't be said for the car show sadly.