Sunday, 22 June 2014

Daddy and Daughter camping

A surprise text a couple of weeks ago from fellow Camper owners Pab & Bab led to a dilemma. They'd invited us camping for the weekend at Wallingford. The problem, Kim had a previous engagement helping at an event at Lily's school and I was working on the Friday. The solution, we'd all go for the day on Saturday and then me and Lily would stay for the night. My first solo trip! After a rubbish week at work it was a blessed relief to be loading the van early on Saturday morning and heading out to Bridge Villas. Already set up were the Pabs, the JTBs and Malcs and family. We parked up under the trees at the far end of the site.

 photo Pabwally05.jpg

 photo Pabwally03.jpg

 photo Pabwally02.jpg

 photo Pabwally08.jpg

 photo Pabwally10.jpg

 photo Pabwally12.jpg

After settling in, I opted for the lazy camp option with just the gazebo to cover our stuff outside and no awning, we headed off to town for the carnival procession.

 photo Pabwally17.jpg

 photo Pabwally21.jpg

 photo Pabwally23.jpg

 photo Pabwally24.jpg

With a string of trucks and bands passing by and the temperature high we headed for the splashpool to cool off. Probably should have worn something other than jeans, but it was refreshing and the kids had fun.

 photo Pabwally35.jpg

 photo Pabwally39.jpg

 photo Pabwally47.jpg

Back on site we nattered and relaxed while Malcs and Co packed, a work trip to Austria tomorrow put pay to a longer stay. Soon after Kim was on her way home and we were getting hungry. BBQ for two was going to be a hassle so we joined the rest with a Chinese takeaway, collected by buggy!

 photo Pabwally52.jpg

 photo Pabwally53.jpg

 photo Pabwally57.jpg

Lily was spoilt with a Babs bedtime of stories and teeth cleaning before you fell asleep. We sank a few cold ciders and talked rubbish, some very random rubbish. Random rubbish that can never be spoken about again!

 photo Pabwally60.jpg

 photo Pabwally62.jpg

I slid into the R&R bed alongside a snoozing Lily and endured several hours of a restless toddler bashing around the bed until she finally settled quietly next to me and we slept until morning. Anything after 6am is a lay in these days so I wasn't too fussed with a trip to the toilet for Lily at 6:30am followed by breakfast.

 photo Pabwally64.jpg

With the others needing to pack up, we decided to give them space and headed for town via the the old campsite tractor. Into town we spent Lilys pocketmoney on a new I Spy book and tried it out at the castle.

 photo Pabwally66.jpg

 photo Pabwally68.jpg

 photo Pabwally72.jpg

 photo Pabwally74.jpg

 photo Pabwally75.jpg

With time getting on and Lily flagging, we headed back to the site to say goodbyes and cruise home. An unexpected campout and some Daddy Daughter time. Not long until we're heading back Wally way.


Saturday, 14 June 2014

Monsoon at the Woodley Carnival

It was Carnival day in Woodley today. Last year we had a big LTV stand, but with short notice from me they were sadly unable to help this time. Instead our friend Steve in his Porsche (is it a classic or just a Porsche) joined Kim and Lily in the Beetle and me in the Camper for  Flat 14 convoy. After the thunderstorm last night the field was surprisingly firm with only a mini duck pond in one corner to avoid. We parked up and headed for the precinct for a cuppa and walk round.

 photo Woodley1401.jpg

 photo Woodley1402.jpg

Back on the stand and with the Carnival about to start the rest of the classics had arrived and been parked up around the hilly corner of the field. Hants & Berks MC had done a grand job enticing people out with a huge variety of cars on show. With the nearby Basingstoke Classic Car Club providing a large number. Using the Camper as a base we wandered around.

 photo Woodley1404.jpg

 photo Woodley1407.jpg

I really liked this Thames van, with the same owner since he bought it new in 1958.

 photo Woodley1413.jpg

 photo Woodley1414.jpg

An unusual badge combination.

 photo Woodley1419.jpg

Feeling peckish we wandered back past the Camper towards the food stands and nabbed some foot long dogs.

 photo Woodley1425.jpg

 photo Woodley1429.jpg

 photo Woodley1441.jpg

While wandering back the heavens suddenly opened. Rain lashed down and we scurried for shelter under a gazebo at one of the stalls before a final dash for the Camper. With twenty minutes it had stopped and the sun returned. We carreid on our walk and even had a train ride too.

 photo Woodley1442.jpg

 photo Woodley1443.jpg

 photo Woodley1446.jpg

 photo Woodley1451.jpg

Back once more by the Camper we quenched our thirsts and had another look around the rest of the cars. The Stag and Portafold caravan combo in matching mustard yellow was so very 70s.

 photo Woodley1459.jpg

 photo Woodley1462.jpg

Lily had an ice cream and seemed to be wearing most of the field and it on her shorts.

 photo Woodley1467.jpg

 photo Woodley1471.jpg

Soon after the path was closed for the procession to return, club regulars provided transport for the kids and the floats lumbered along.

 photo Woodley1476.jpg

 photo Woodley1479.jpg

 photo Woodley1482.jpg

It was hands on action back at the cars, we asked the owner of the 1927 Ford if Lily could try the hornout, he let her on the running boards and she honked away. If the rude man who we found opening the back of the Beetle up had asked or the little child that smeared an ice cream handprint down the side of the 911 had been more careful, us Steves wouldn't have been so grumpy at the end of the day!

 photo Woodley1484.jpg

 photo Woodley1491.jpg

As the day came to an end the club awarded one of the Jenson "Car of the show" I was on hand to get some photos for the clubs magazine. The owner very chuffed with his silverware.

 photo Woodley1492.jpg

 photo Woodley1493.jpg

And then with a very tired Lily it was time to head home. Apart from the shower in the middle it was a scorching day once more. Hopefully we'll be back next year with a few more cars. There are lots more photos from the day here.


Sunday, 8 June 2014

Busy White Lion meet

After an enjoyable trip last month, we found ourselves back at The White Lion Antiques centre again this morning for the Classic breakfast meet. Rolling in an hour later than before we were directed towards the back and had a perfect view as the next cars came in. Parking alongside us for the morning was a gleaming Elan in Gold Leaf F1 colours.

 photo Whitelion01.jpg

A quick trip to the outdoor breakfast bar saw me furnished with a sausage and bacon bap to chew on before we went for a walk about. There are obviously a lot of regular cars to this meet, but also plenty of new comers too. The guest marque was Sunbeam, with several shiny Alpines parked in a line, E Types were also there in big numbers.

 photo Whitelion03.jpg

 photo Whitelion08.jpg

 photo Whitelion26.jpg

Cars from all eras were well represented from this gleaming 1934 Nash, Lily was a hgue fan of the dickie seat out back. To a very 70s Dolomite.

 photo Whitelion20.jpg

 photo Whitelion19.jpg

 photo Whitelion29.jpg

 photo Whitelion33.jpg

After a quick chat with fellow Camper owner Harry we headed inside the antiques centre for  nose round before I had a look up the back field as more cars arrived. It was nice to see more modern classics mixing with the traditional wire wheel brigade. There were two Honda NSX out today, a 1990s classic.

 photo Whitelion30.jpg

 photo Whitelion36.jpg

 photo Whitelion37.jpg

 photo Whitelion45.jpg

We had one final sweep round before heading home for an afternoon of motorsport with the BTCC and F1 filling the rest of my day. Trundling out behind this 60s Plymouth. Another enjoyable morning.

 photo Whitelion52.jpg