Saturday, 28 March 2015

Volksworld show

A while back Retro Rides friends Will and Ness said they were planning the long trip from Wakefield to Surrey for the Saturday of the Volksworld Show. With Kim and Lily at the school Easter fair I decided to go it alone for the day and nabbed an earlybird ticket. A blast along the M25 saw me arrive before the big queues and I collected my tickets before meeting the others for a walk round the for sale area and front carparks.

 photo Volksworld001.jpg

 photo Volksworld005.jpg

 photo Volksworld009.jpg

 photo Volksworld011.jpg

We then joined the masses at the front doors ready for 10am. Within minutes we were inside and heading for the main hall. An unusual sight of a cutaway Beetle from 1949 greeted us complete with display engine. A few very nice Beetles and Campers were on display, but my car of the show had to be the simply gorgeous Rometsch.

 photo Volksworld124.jpg

  photo Volksworld014.jpg

 photo Volksworld017.jpg

 photo Volksworld019.jpg

 photo Volksworld020.jpg

 photo Volksworld021.jpg

 photo Volksworld024.jpg

The big birthday and the "showroom" style display this year was to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Karmann Ghia. A replica copy of an early KG brochure was the give away this time.

  photo Volksworld025.jpg

 photo Volksworld028.jpg

 photo Volksworld031.jpg

 photo Volksworld038.jpg

With the place filling up we headed out to the club area to drop my bag with the LTV people and to check out the lineups.

 photo Volksworld044.jpg

 photo Volksworld046.jpg

 photo Volksworld047.jpg

 photo Volksworld053.jpg

 photo Volksworld055.jpg

 photo Volksworld058.jpg

 photo Volksworld059.jpg

After a quick break for lunch and a natter we headed to the down stairs hall. A couple of military vehicles caught my eye, the first a Schwimmwagen and the other was what appeared to be a WWII Willys jeep, but turned out to be a Veep, with air cooled running gear underneath.

 photo Volksworld063.jpg

 photo Volksworld062.jpg

 photo Volksworld064.jpg

 photo Volksworld067.jpg

 photo Volksworld076.jpg

With a trip up to the swapmeet for some bargains we headed to the back arena for the SSCC and Early Bay line up and the Restowagen display.

 photo Volksworld079.jpg

 photo Volksworld081.jpg

 photo Volksworld087.jpg

 photo Volksworld092.jpg

 photo Volksworld094.jpg

 photo Volksworld096.jpg

 photo Volksworld097.jpg

 photo Volksworld102.jpg

With a long drive home, Will and Co headed outside for  a last look round before heading up the M1. I had a wander back to LTV for a natter before a last sweep round the traders and cars.

 photo Volksworld103.jpg

 photo Volksworld104.jpg

 photo Volksworld109.jpg

 photo Volksworld113.jpg

I had one last look at the coachbuilt Rometsch as well.

 photo Volksworld119.jpg

 photo Volksworld123.jpg

With everything seen I headed home. A brilliant day out and a chance to catch up and natter with so many friends.


Sunday, 8 March 2015

White Lion, bigger and better

After a bit of a break over the winter (for us, not the meet!) We headed back along the A30 to ever growing White Lion Antiques meet. Aiming for a 9:30am arrival we were twenty minutes early and a good job too. The carpark was already full with just spaces reserved for the feature marque, Jaguar. After a an embarrassing wait as the height barrier was unlocked (note to self to bring a lower classic next time!) we were shown to the overflow field.

 photo WhiteLion01.jpg

 photo WhiteLion02.jpg

With a porky bap tucked away in my belly it was off on a walk round. Lily led the way up the field taking in Lancias, Truimphs and some American muscle.

 photo WhiteLion05.jpg

 photo WhiteLion09.jpg

 photo WhiteLion08.jpg

 photo WhiteLion21.jpg

Back on the tarmac it was the turn of the Jaguars to shine, with the longest line of E-Types I've seen for a while along with some exotica in the shape of a brace of Ferraris and a Lamborghini.

  photo WhiteLion29.jpg

 photo WhiteLion31.jpg

 photo WhiteLion34.jpg

 photo WhiteLion36.jpg

 photo WhiteLion39.jpg

Round the far side of the carpark the Delorean drivers had spread their doors with four of the Back to the Future stars lined up.

 photo WhiteLion51.jpg

 photo WhiteLion54.jpg

 photo WhiteLion62.jpg

 photo WhiteLion64.jpg

 photo WhiteLion66.jpg

With the others resting in the Camper I did one final walk round before we headed off. The new F-Type looked stunning in orange and a wingless Plymouth Roadrunner sounded glorious as it burbled in.

 photo WhiteLion73.jpg

 photo WhiteLion86.jpg

 photo WhiteLion90.jpg

I shifted Lily from my seat and we cruised out. The weather could have been warmer, but then I doubt we would have got parked up!

 photo WhiteLion88.jpg