Sunday, 12 April 2015

Austin Healey day at the White Lion

Sunshine and blue skies greeted us as we drove off the A30 into the White Lion carpark. Austin Healey day hadn't drawn as big a crowd as Jaguars on our last visit, but there was still a good turnout. We were given to option of carpark or camping on the field, spying a spot next to a Cortina we backed in and headed off for a wander.

 photo WhiteLion01.jpg

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 photo WhiteLion05.jpg

One of the stars of the morning was the glorious Ferrari 330. Along with some really nice AHs

 photo WhiteLion07.jpg

 photo WhiteLion46.jpg

 photo WhiteLion10.jpg

 photo WhiteLion16.jpg

 photo WhiteLion20.jpg

While Kim and Lily had a look round the shop. Steve and I grabbed baps and headed back to the cars. New Aston Martins rubbed wings (not literally) with Porsche.

 photo WhiteLion24.jpg

 photo WhiteLion27.jpg

 photo WhiteLion28.jpg

 photo WhiteLion35.jpg

Lily was back in the Camper having a snack as more cars came past. Six litres of rumbling V8 in a Chevelle burbled past followed by the tiny Fiat Gamine in full Noddy paint. Once more Lily's smile and enquiring voice gained her some seat time from the very kind owners.

 photo WhiteLion40.jpg

 photo WhiteLion42.jpg

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With tired legs we clambered back in the Camper for the drive home, stopping to see the new lambs at the local farm on route.

 photo WhiteLion64.jpg


Monday, 6 April 2015

Lily's first trip to Castle Combe

After three busy days, we had planned a lazy Bank Holiday Monday to end Easter with, but as it dawned bright and sunny with blue skies it seemed rude not to make the most of it and head west to Castle Combe. I haven't been to the track for a few years and Kim since before Lily was born. Lily got very excited at the prospect for seeing racing cars so we all headed along the M4 for the day. Parking up the Minis were heading out for qualifying so we ran over to the barriers by Dean Straight and with Lily sat on the railing we watched for a few minutes.

 photo CC0415001.jpg

We soon headed off to the paddock to see the cars up close. The beauty of a little club meeting is the access all areas nature of the place. You can look inside all the cars and occasionally get even closer.

 photo CC0415002.jpg

 photo CC0415005.jpg

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The side paddock was a good spot for a snack stop and a look a the many Minis on display.

 photo CC0415023.jpg

 photo CC0415030.jpg

 photo CC0415032.jpg

 photo CC0415034.jpg

Back in the main area we checked out the sports racers from the local championships and one owner offered Lily a bit of seat time. She loved the chance and "brummed" for a few minutes.

 photo CC0415038.jpg

 photo CC0415039.jpg

 photo CC0415048.jpg

 photo CC0415053.jpg

Along with Minis, some MGs were also racing today. Every thing from wide arch modifieds to almost road legal stock cars,

 photo CC0415050.jpg

 photo CC0415058.jpg

 photo CC0415057.jpg

 photo CC0415059.jpg

 photo CC0415063.jpg

With lunch time calling we headed back to the car for a bite to eat. As we passed the pitlane a familiar car cruised past to a stop. Being a touring car fan its always nice to see ex works cars back out in privateer hands. This is the 1996 ex Kris Nissen STW 4WD Audi A4. Raced by Abt Sport in the German championships its now run by Keith Butcher who also owns a BTCC Primera.

  photo CC0415069.jpg

 photo CC0415070.jpg

Lunch in the shade of the car ended and we scampered up the banking to the hill overlooking Bobbies chicane for the first race for MGs.

 photo CC0415093.jpg

 photo CC0415097.jpg

 photo CC0415101.jpg

 photo CC0415100.jpg

Moving along the banking a bit we were gripped by the first of several Mini races. First place was swapped many times, often on the same lap and there were a couple of spins.

 photo CC0415104.jpg

 photo CC0415107.jpg

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After cheering on the winners we settled in for the first of Combes own championships for Sports and GT cars.

 photo CC0415139.jpg

 photo CC0415144.jpg

 photo CC0415150.jpg

 photo CC0415153.jpg

 photo CC0415156.jpg

 photo CC0415163.jpg

More Minis were up next and with Lily perched on the railing we watched as the cars slithered and bumped round.

 photo CC0415167.jpg

 photo CC0415171.jpg

 photo CC0415174.jpg

 photo CC0415176.jpg

 photo CC0415178.jpg

Combes Sports racing series was next, big winged prototypes and bike engined cars swapped places at high speed.

 photo CC0415180.jpg

 photo CC0415183.jpg

 photo CC0415190.jpg

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 photo CC0415199.jpg

With Lily tiring we decided the Welsh Sports and Saloon race would be our last for the day. A mixed bag of cars including stock hatchbacks right up to the ex STW Audi.

 photo CC0415200.jpg

 photo CC0415201.jpg

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 photo CC0415240.jpg

With the race over I headed back to the paddock to get a closer look at the Audi. The team were chatting about the differences between the newer Primera they usually run and the current A4. 4WD wins out of the chicanes.

 photo CC0415246.jpg

 photo CC0415247.jpg

 photo CC0415252.jpg

 photo CC0415253.jpg

With several races still to go a tired, hungry and grumpy Lily was finally coaxed into the car for the drive home. Once she had chilled out she was nattering about racing cars and the like. I'm sure this won't be our last trip trackside. The rest of the photos can be found here.