Sunday, 26 October 2014

Busy White Lion meet

With the clocks going back, we had an extra hour to get ready for the classic meet this morning. A last minute change of heart meant we all went. Rolling in of the A30 the carpark was virtually full already, the sign of an ever growing meet. We found space alongside a massive jacked up Jeep and grabbed some breakfast baps.

 photo WhiteLionOct02.jpg

 photo WhiteLionOct01.jpg

We started having a walk round as Pab arrived in the Camper. Along with the JTBs and Harry, it was an LTVfest.

 photo WhiteLionOct11.jpg

 photo WhiteLionOct15.jpg

 photo WhiteLionOct29.jpg

 photo WhiteLionOct51.jpg

The guest marque was Morris, with Minors, Minis and Travellers lined up.

 photo WhiteLionOct06.jpg

 photo WhiteLionOct07.jpg

Jaguars filled a whole line as usual and there were plenty of MGs to go round. Plus lots of different cars too.

 photo WhiteLionOct09.jpg

 photo WhiteLionOct19.jpg

 photo WhiteLionOct24.jpg

 photo WhiteLionOct32.jpg

 photo WhiteLionOct37.jpg

 photo WhiteLionOct45.jpg

 photo WhiteLionOct52.jpg

Pab entertained Lily on the field for ages before it was time to leave then high fives all round. This is the end of the twice monthly meets, down to once a month we'll try and get to another before the year is out.
 photo WhiteLionOct63.jpg


Saturday, 25 October 2014

Tractor Bandits at Lockey Farm

Kim spotted a post on FB from nearby Lockey Farm. the Thames Valley Vintage Tractor Club would be meeting at the cafe there in the morning for a road run. We headed over for a drink to check the agricultural hardware. In the overflow carpark field out back twenty or so rugged farm haulers were parked up, drivers supping coffee and eating bacon sarnies.

 photo tractors2.jpg

 photo tractors3.jpg

 photo tractors4.jpg

 photo tractors6.jpg

 photo tractors9.jpg

 photo tractors11.jpg

After a play on the playground and a refreshment break, Lily and I stood by the fence with Kim as the run started. diesel fumes filled the air as they chugged off. The country lanes in the area unaware of the tailback that was about to happen!

 photo tractors13.jpg

 photo tractors18.jpg

 photo tractors21.jpg

 photo tractors26.jpg

 photo tractors1.jpg


Saturday, 11 October 2014

Thatcham Classic Car Show

Last year I commented on a dire week of weather in the build up to this show. fast forward a year and its the same. Awful rain and wind all week long with the odd sunny spell. Saturday dawned miserable and wet, it didn't look good. A couple of hours later the sky was blue, the sun was shining down and me and Lily were in the Camper on the A4 heading for the show. Pulling in we were one of the first to park up. A Morgan and a Jenson our neighbours.

 photo thatcham14001.jpg

Next in were some of the biggest classics I've seen. A trio of QTR Transport trucks. An AEC was joined by a Commer and a Thames to add an orange hue to the day.

 photo thatcham14003.jpg

 photo thatcham14002.jpg

 photo thatcham14007.jpg

Grabbing a breakfast bap we watched a few more cars drive in before starting a walk round of the show. As ever the variety was vast, several regulars from previous years were there and plenty of new comers. After a few rows of cars a promised trip to the park was in order.

 photo thatcham14010.jpg

 photo thatcham14013.jpg

 photo thatcham14019.jpg

 photo thatcham14020.jpg

 photo thatcham14022.jpg

After the swinging interlude we started the walk back to the Camper for lunch, bumping into our friend Alan who was there with his nephew and family. Sadly Alan's Beetle had suffered a wet weather altercation and was badly damaged, so they all arrived in Eds Camper (sporting the damage inflicted to the rear by Alan - best to keep it in the family)  fortunately the only damage was to pride and panels. The hunt for spares has started.

 photo thatcham14023.jpg

 photo thatcham14027.jpg

 photo thatcham14032.jpg

 photo thatcham14057.jpg

 photo thatcham14043.jpg

 photo thatcham14058.jpg

 photo thatcham14066.jpg

With a lazy lunch in the Camper it was time for another walk round before a trip to town to see if there were any bargains in the charity shops. All we came back with was some chocolates and a little red Beetle model for Alan.

 photo thatcham14070.jpg

 photo thatcham14073.jpg

 photo thatcham14074.jpg

 photo thatcham14078.jpg
 photo thatcham14084.jpg

 photo thatcham14088.jpg

 photo thatcham14090.jpg

 photo thatcham14101.jpg

On our return from town a final trip to the park was needed and a last sweep round the show. Well over 100 classics had made it and filled the field up. The charity buckets were filled with over £700 and the rain stayed away.

 photo thatcham14093.jpg

 photo thatcham14095.jpg

 photo thatcham14099.jpg

 photo thatcham14102.jpg

 photo thatcham14103.jpg

We clambered aboard the Camper and headed back along the A4 in convoy with the TVR Vixen and made for home. Thatcham may only be a little free local show, but it just keeps getting better.

 photo thatcham14112.jpg