Sunday, 15 December 2013

Krispy Kreme Khristmas

Somehow we've managed to go almost a whole year without a doughnut run. But with the decorations up and home and our friend Steve at a loose end we decided to make a festive go of it once more. Heading up in sunshine, it soon turned to gloom, but the American car owners had made the effort and the carpark was full up.

 photo KKDec1301.jpg

 photo KKDec1302.jpg

 photo KKDec1305.jpg

The old RM van was interesting, I never did find out the full story, but it had a thumping pair of pipes out the back and the engine certainly wasn't stock! We crossed over and headed into the main carpark at the back. Despite some familiar cars on show, there was several new ones as well.

 photo KKDec1310.jpg

 photo KKDec1313.jpg

 photo KKDec1318.jpg

 photo KKDec1323.jpg

 photo KKDec1333.jpg

With a spit of rain in the air we headed indoors and ordered drinks and a dozen of the sugary treats including a mincepie and festive truffle version. Mmmm

 photo KKDec1334.jpg

Lily picked one with sprinkles on and demolished it along with her lunch.

 photo KKDec1337.jpg

I spied Retro Cars very own Dbizzle loitering outside so popped out for a chat and wander round. He also hadn't visited for a few months either.

 photo KKDec1340.jpg

 photo KKDec1341.jpg

 photo KKDec1344.jpg

With everything seen and eaten, we headed for the car and home. Via a stop off at Mercedes World to play in the cars and KFC for a cheeky lunch! Thats it for our show season, thirty assorted shows, meets, camps and races is a good and varied haul. Roll on 2014


Sunday, 8 December 2013

Dr B's Toy Run

Its now a well established Christmas tradition that we try and get to watch the Toy Run some where along its route. In the past we've gone to the start and the finish. This year with other things on during the day we started early and headed for the Foster Wheeler carparks just after 11am as the bikers started to arrive. Around 2000 bikes, trikes, quads and a tuctuc amassed over a couple of hours, we sipped coffee and wandered amongst them.

 photo toyrun002.jpg

 photo toyrun004.jpg

 photo toyrun011.jpg

 photo toyrun019.jpg

The hundred or so marshalls that ensure a smooth convoy we getting in the spirit too.

 photo toyrun023.jpg

 photo toyrun024.jpg

 photo toyrun031.jpg

 photo toyrun041.jpg

 photo toyrun044.jpg

 photo toyrun045.jpg

With the time ticking away to the road closures, we decided to bail out. Kim and Lily off to a crafty afternoon. Our friend Steve and me, back to ours to park up and walk back to the main route. As the clocks hit 2pm, the signs came out and the roads onto Lower Earley Way were shut down and the convoy began. For 35 minutes non stop and constant stream of decorated bikes and riders came past to a huge crowd and cheers, sweets were thrown out, horns blasted and the winter sun shone on it all.

 photo toyrun046.jpg

 photo toyrun048.jpg

 photo toyrun051.jpg

 photo toyrun063.jpg

 photo toyrun066.jpg

 photo toyrun071.jpg

 photo toyrun076.jpg

 photo toyrun078.jpg

 photo toyrun083.jpg

 photo toyrun094.jpg

 photo toyrun099.jpg

 photo toyrun107.jpg

 photo toyrun108.jpg

 photo toyrun115.jpg

The stream began to thin out and the marshalls at our roundabout mounted up and join the end of the line. Another year over as they headed for Wokingham with thousands of toys for local kids. Its a heart warming sight to behold.


Sunday, 1 December 2013

Christmas Bracknell

Its been a while! 18 months actually! LTV has been through some hard times recently, we moved on from it in the middle of last year as things started to get messy. We kept in contact with a few people and hoped that one day it would all calm down a bit. Things still aren't perfect, but with a few changes the road to recovery for a 40 odd year old VW club could be on the horizon. At the recent AGM we were recognised for the work we did over almost a decade as members and then team members and gifted a life membership to the club. As such, we decided to give the festive meet a go. After a trip to Woodley for the Winter Extravaganza we pointed a dirty Passat to Bracknell and armed with naff jumpers caught up with old friends over a mincepie and sausage roll.

 photo SHP.jpg

 photo SHP10.jpg

 photo SHP2.jpg

Santa made an appearance for the little ones and handed out presents. Lily wasn't too sure, but came away happy. The turnout wasn't massive, but those that came enjoyed themselves.

 photo SHP4.jpg

 photo SHP9.jpg

We ended our afternoon with a trip down the slide before a drive home to warmth.

 photo SHP11.jpg