Sunday, 9 August 2015

Super sunny White Lion meet

After dropping Kim off at the start of yet another training walk, Lily and I decided to head down to the White Lion to see what was happening. It was kitcar and replica day, so there would be plenty of cool looking cars around. Rolling through the gate we were directed to the field, our neighbour was a huge Rolls Royce.

 photo WhiteLionAug01.jpg

Wandering down the hill there was a really good variety of classics on show. MGs and TVRs, rubbed arches with Alfas and Morgan.

 photo WhiteLionAug03.jpg

 photo WhiteLionAug04.jpg

 photo WhiteLionAug07.jpg

Into the carpark we had a look down the kitcar and replica line. There were plenty of Caterhams and Cobras with a massive McLaren and some Jaguars. While not the real deal, they were still impressive to look at.

 photo WhiteLionAug09.jpg

 photo WhiteLionAug11.jpg

 photo WhiteLionAug13.jpg

 photo WhiteLionAug15.jpg

Mid way down, Lily spied the ice cream van, a new and very welcome addition to such a warm day. With a cone in hand she was happy to let me take some photos as we walked round. The glorious DB5 convertible the pick of the bunch for me.

 photo WhiteLionAug19.jpg

 photo WhiteLionAug20.jpg

 photo WhiteLionAug21.jpg

In the corner of the carpark, a trio of Vauxhall/Opels stood. A big Carlton with Calibra and Monza, all seemed to be owned by the same chap.

 photo WhiteLionAug28.jpg

 photo WhiteLionAug30.jpg

 photo WhiteLionAug31.jpg

 photo WhiteLionAug38.jpg

 photo WhiteLionAug41.jpg

With the ice cream finished, there was time for a few more photos and a walk round the antiques centre before heading home.

 photo WhiteLionAug44.jpg

 photo WhiteLionAug45.jpg

 photo WhiteLionAug49.jpg

 photo WhiteLionAug59.jpg

A last walk up the field gave Lily a chance to take a few photos with some help. Se was a fan of the Nash and of course her Beetle!

 photo WhiteLionAug63.jpg

 photo WhiteLionAug67.jpg

 photo WhiteLionAug69.jpg


Sunday, 2 August 2015

Thames Valley Buses 100

In 1915 the British Automobile Traction started a bus service from Reading to Maidenhead. To celebrate 100 years of the occasion the Thames Valley and Great Western Omnibus Trust decided to organise a display of buses that ran the route through the years on the new pedestrian area outside the recently renovated Reading Station. Walking through town we saw the first of the buses on its run.

 photo bus01.jpg

As we approached the station there were hoards of bus spotters, they seem to breed them strange with an interesting aroma and no manners, pushing and shoving to get everyone out of the way was the order of the day sadly. We had a look around the trio of 1920s machines before climbing on the top deck of the the old WW1 London bus for a birdseye view.

 photo bus02.jpg

 photo bus04.jpg

 photo bus06.jpg

 photo bus07.jpg

After a quick lunch we headed to the bottom of the hill and the free rides. There were half a dozen buses do rides along the A4 on the old route. We opted for a fantastic ride on a 1962 Bristol coach to Twyford and back. There was no real queuing system and I could see we would soon get swamped by the stinky camera carriers, fortunately the cream and blue single decker pulled up next to us and we followed a couple on and headed straight for the back seat! The three of us safely at the back in the shade of the rear while the rest of the bus was bathed in sunshine from the greenhouse style roof.

 photo bus10.jpg

Through town it was getting a bit warm, but on the A4 with the throttle open the cool breeze was lovely and we saw a different side of town before stopping in Twyford high street for a chance to get off. Lily and I nipped off to stretch our legs and get a photo before getting back on for the drive back.

 photo bus12.jpg

 photo bus13.jpg

Back down the A4 we had a  convoy of Bristol buses with photographers at every junction snapping away. Back at the station we got off and headed for a cooling ice cream.

 photo bus14.jpg

 photo bus16.jpg

 photo bus17.jpg

It was a trip back in time for us and a fun ride for Lily.