Sunday, 16 November 2014

Doughnuts and cars

Nine months is a long time to go between Krispy Kreme fixes! But after a summer of busy weekends we finally had a free Sunday and the weather was nice to boot. Off the A3 and into a side street, the carpark and main road outside were already full of American Muscle.

 photo KKNOV1402.jpg

 photo KKNOV1405.jpg

 photo KKNOV1412.jpg

 photo KKNOV1415.jpg

 photo KKNOV1420.jpg

Crossing the road after a string of V8s had gone by we checked out the carpark before heading inside for a cuppa and a dozen of the sugary treats.

 photo KKNOV1422.jpg

 photo KKNOV1425.jpg
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 photo KKNOV1442.jpg

 photo KKNOV1446.jpg

With a sit down and a natter with JTB and lunch on the cards we headed off. The cars slowly heading home too.

 photo KKNOV1449.jpg

 photo KKNOV1453.jpg


Saturday, 8 November 2014

Damp Tempest Rally

Each year I go to the Tempest Rally, each year there is  blue skies and sunshine, luck had to run out at some point and it was this weekends event. Parking in the usual place for the nearest stage to home at Warren Heath there was rain in the air, we waited until the last minute to hike across the ditch to the corner we normally watch from as the rain stopped and the first 2WD cars came blasting through.

 photo TempestRally003.jpg

 photo TempestRally004.jpg

 photo TempestRally006.jpg

 photo TempestRally011.jpg

 photo TempestRally015.jpg

 photo TempestRally023.jpg

 photo TempestRally029.jpg

 photo TempestRally036.jpg

 photo TempestRally039.jpg

With a few cars left to run we high tailed it over towards the service park. Changes in the stage schedules have now made it tricky to see different stages, but we thought we'd try. A run round Rushmoor gave us a look round the 2WDs being fettled, some more than others!

 photo TempestRally040.jpg

 photo TempestRally045.jpg

 photo TempestRally051.jpg

 photo TempestRally056.jpg

 photo TempestRally063.jpg

 photo TempestRally072.jpg

With time ticking away it was back on the road and over to Pavilion, a stage just round the corner where the 4WDs were due. As we arrived it was clear there was a mistake in the program as the 2WDs were already under way. The stage had also been reversed and the churned up soil at the tight turns bogged the cars down before a slower crawl up the hill afterwards.

 photo TempestRally075.jpg

 photo TempestRally081.jpg

 photo TempestRally087.jpg

 photo TempestRally090.jpg

 photo TempestRally101.jpg

 photo TempestRally109.jpg

 photo TempestRally114.jpg

Another quick turn around was needed as we headed back to Rushmoor Arena for the 4WD stage and service. The viewing area offers a distant look compared with the extreme closeup of other stages, but seeing the gravel flying and the water splashes I was glad to be at the top of the hill!

 photo TempestRally121.jpg

 photo TempestRally124.jpg

 photo TempestRally137.jpg

 photo TempestRally138.jpg

 photo TempestRally147.jpg

 photo TempestRally158.jpg

 photo TempestRally161.jpg

Up in service we watched the various teams clean and prep the cars ready for the afternoon stages.

 photo TempestRally163.jpg

 photo TempestRally170.jpg

 photo TempestRally173.jpg

 photo TempestRally178.jpg

 photo TempestRally184.jpg

What would be our last stage of the day was at Warren, we headed over to the carpark and found another change of route, the usual huge carpark with two viewing areas had become one and we ended up parked up a tree and running down the road to the corner. It offered a great spot to watch as the 4WDs came hurtling round it and blasted down the straight.

 photo TempestRally190.jpg

 photo TempestRally191.jpg

 photo TempestRally196.jpg

 photo TempestRally200.jpg

 photo TempestRally203.jpg

 photo TempestRally209.jpg

 photo TempestRally211.jpg

As the last of the Army LandRovers came wobbling past the rain began to fall again, much heavier and within seconds we were soaked and running through the trees for home. We hung around to see if it would clear in time for the last Warren runs but the skies had darkened and we called it a day. It was still a blast and a great way to end another varied year of motorsport.