Sunday, 25 May 2014

Making the most of the Bank Holiday weather

With rain forecast for Monday, we thought we'd make the most of the sunny start to Sunday. Up and out before 8am we we're heading for a new meet to us at the White Lion Antiques centre on the A30. Pulling into the carpark our friend Steve was already there in his 911 as it was Porsche day, he was also able to capture the marshals opening the height barrier as we struggled to get under it!

 photo Whitelion001.jpg

 photo Whitelion010.jpg

We parked up in a corner and had a quick look round the scattering of cars before grabbing a bacon bap and cuppa. There weren't that many vehicles and it looked as though we might head off else where.

 photo Whitelion006.jpg

 photo Whitelion009.jpg

After a snack and wander round the antiques rooms we were stunned to see over a hundred cars outside on our return. Mainly classic British tin, with a few interesting cars in between.

 photo Whitelion019.jpg

 photo Whitelion022.jpg

 photo Whitelion024.jpg

 photo Whitelion032.jpg

A line of hotrods rolled in as we walked about, this was the most unusual of the bunch, a Ford Pop with Maserati Bi-Turbo power.

 photo Whitelion041.jpg

 photo Whitelion042.jpg

 photo Whitelion047.jpg

Back in the Camper for a drink stop we watched more and more cool cars cruise in, the good weather bringing out some new cars to us.

 photo Whitelion057.jpg

 photo Whitelion060.jpg

 photo Whitelion066.jpg

 photo Whitelion071.jpg

 photo Whitelion074.jpg

Our final walk round saw us follow a nylon slacked gentleman taking video of everything. I need to be careful how I dress in 20 years time!

 photo Whitelion076.jpg

 photo Whitelion079.jpg

 photo Whitelion081.jpg

With rumbling tummies we decided to head off elsewhere, Steve tagged along and we headed a few miles up the A30 to Blackbushe Cafe, adjacent to the runway at the airport. Planes and sandwiches, a winning combo.

 photo Whitelion088.jpg

 photo Whitelion089.jpg

 photo Whitelion093.jpg

 photo Whitelion099.jpg

 photo Whitelion102.jpg

With the sun unexpectedly still shining we decided to part from Steve and head for Sonning and the Scarecrow Trail. Set in the lanes of the tiny village, 60 houses joined in the fun with a variety of scenes played out on lawns and driveways.

 photo Whitelion106.jpg

 photo Whitelion110.jpg

 photo Whitelion116.jpg

 photo Whitelion118.jpg

 photo Whitelion123.jpg

 photo Whitelion136.jpg

 photo Whitelion143.jpg

With the majority of the scarecrows spotted we headed back to the Camper and finally home. A long and fun filled day ended with a cold pint in the back of the van on the drive, while Lily amused herself in the drivers seat. And the sun is still shining now!


Sunday, 18 May 2014

Heatwave at DATP

After our sunny holiday it was time to end the week off with a trip to Bracknell for LTVs Dubs at the Park. With scorching temperatures predicted and knowing what the traffic can be like we set off early and rolled up the driveway to Easthampstead Park before the monster queues began.

 photo DATP1413.jpg

 photo DATP1414.jpg

We parked up under the trees by the club display and relaxed for a bit as the Dubs came in, we were soon joined by our poptopped twin van with Malcs and family.

 photo DATP1476.jpg

Lily and I headed out for a wander, past the Kubel of Cordwallis and onto the side field. With a brief stop to chat to Alan and his fur family we headed for the side field. As we came to the icecream van it was decided that it was snack time so with a chocolaty mess in hand we headed back for a clean up!

 photo DATP1415.jpg

 photo DATP1419.jpg

 photo DATP1423.jpg

 photo DATP1421.jpg

Back at the Camper we feasted on bacon rolls and beer while nattering to a few fellow dubbers before attempting to look round again.

 photo DATP1425.jpg

 photo DATP1429.jpg

 photo DATP1437.jpg

At the bottom of the field we found Sue and the Horse Rangers where Lilys half eaten apple was munched by Star before we carried on. The promise of a bouncy castle session saw us clear the bottom field in record time! The sun was still beating down and my little companion was flagging a bit despite the carrying and drinks.

 photo DATP1438.jpg

 photo DATP1449.jpg

 photo DATP1458.jpg

 photo DATP1461.jpg

 photo DATP1466.jpg

 photo DATP1470.jpg

 photo DATP1474.jpg

Back at the Camper once more for drinks and a sit down, we borrowed Grens awning and chairs. A final walk round was needed so with Pab in tow we set out round a few vans before Lily decided it was home time.

 photo DATP1475.jpg

 photo DATP1479.jpg

 photo DATP1490.jpg

 photo DATP1492.jpg

Then with weary legs we set off home. Despite a few setbacks during the build up to the show, the orange crew pulled off another really good event with loads of great cars and traders. We never saw the bands or the MTB display, but the crowds around both showed a big hit.

 photo DATP1493.jpg