Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Retro Rides award night

Another year rolls round so it must be time for the Retro Rides award night at the Ace Cafe. With a weeks job postponed I was faced with office based work which meant it was far easier to bring the Beetle into work and get a head start on the rush hour. 90 minutes later I coasted into the carpark, a scattering of classics already parked up. And pulled along side a Caterham 21, a modern classic and rarely seen on the roads.

 photo RRAce1401.jpg

Inside I sat and nattered whilst munching on a full English, slowly the place filled up with more RRers. Talk of Christmas, beards and Guiding filled the air beofre I donned my coat for the arctic walk round. The carpark was now loaded with a curious mix of regular classics and RR fodder.

 photo RRAce1402.jpg

 photo RRAce1404.jpg

 photo RRAce1405.jpg

 photo RRAce1407.jpg

 photo RRAce1409.jpg

The road outside was full of modern dailys, through the dark came a pair of weak headlights on a Buckler Trials car, the owner had left the mud from his latest exploits on it along with a pair of spare wheels on the back.

 photo RRAce1416.jpg

Along the front more classics were lined up including a stunning Damiler SP250.

 photo RRAce1413.jpg

Wafty, comfy ride with a luxurious interior. And its parked next to a Rolls Royce.

 photo RRAce1419.jpg

 photo RRAce1423.jpg

The last stragglers came in as the awards were due to start, this minty fresh TVR Vixen the pick of the bunch for me. With a bit of drizzle falling I headed inside for a drink and the warmth.

 photo RRAce1427.jpg

 photo RRAce1428.jpg

A megaphoned Hotwire called out the winners and announced the new dates and venue for this years Gathering. I shall be adding a new hillclimb track to my list of places with Shelsley Walsh the choice.

 photo RRAce1429.jpg

 photo RRAce1432.jpg

With everyone happy and some more chatting it was time to head home, a quick photoshoot with a friends 80s 911 first and then the very wet cruise back.

 photo RRAce1433.jpg


Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Years Day washout

Once again the first day of a new year means a trip to the A30 for the classic car meet. Sadly after a few bright by chilly days over Christmas, January first dawned damp and dreary. This then turned to wet and windy. But we set off and sailed down the lanes to the pub. As we approached it was clear the turn out was down a lot on previous years. instead of the hundreds of amazing classics and sportscars there were under fifty. I left Kim and Lily in the dry and headed out, bumping into VW chum Alan and RR chum Nick on route.

 photo NYD201401.jpg

 photo NYD201402.jpg

 photo NYD201404.jpg

 photo NYD201404.jpg

The front carpark was only just full up and that included some modern cars. Round the back was empty save for a handful of 70s saloons including this barn find 1978 Datsun with under 1000 miles from new. The tale was of a man buying it brand new and not passing his test so leaving it in the garage.

 photo NYD201408.jpg

 photo NYD201410.jpg

 photo NYD201414.jpg

 photo NYD201416.jpg

 photo NYD201417.jpg

Back to the main road again we wandered towards the traffic lights, but there was nothing to see there at all. Everyone who did turn up made a huge effort, none more than the bikers and this Riley owner who braved the weather in flying hat and goggles.

 photo NYD201422.jpg

 photo NYD201426.jpg

 photo NYD201427.jpg

Alan and I headed back to the Camper and nattered to Kim while Lily played inside before we risked a short walk down to Alans van. Its a slightly sorry start to the year, but things can hopefully only get better!

 photo NYD201429.jpg