Thursday, 1 January 2015

2015 at The Phoenix

After a complete washout last year things weren't looking good on route to the A30. Grey and overcast with rain in the air it cleared as I arrived. Parking up on the pavement behind a pair of muscle cars there were already more cars parked up than turned out last year.

 photo NYD2015001.jpg

 photo NYD2015002.jpg

 photo NYD2015004.jpg

 photo NYD2015011.jpg

Heading over the road I bumped into fellow car nut Nick and his wife and wandered along for a bit. The 1965 Monte Carlo Rally Reliant Sabre 6 the pick of the front carpark. One of six factory prepped cars that took on the snowy roads.

 photo NYD2015013.jpg

 photo NYD2015021.jpg

 photo NYD2015022.jpg

Back out on the main road every available piece of pavement was taken as were the central sections of the dual carriageway.

 photo NYD2015024.jpg

 photo NYD2015029.jpg

 photo NYD2015037.jpg

 photo NYD2015042.jpg

 photo NYD2015046.jpg

 photo NYD2015047.jpg

 photo NYD2015057.jpg

With a thin drizzle coming down I expected things to thin out, but still the cars rolled in, including this brave chap in his KTM X-Bow.

 photo NYD2015067.jpg

 photo NYD2015073.jpg

 photo NYD2015074.jpg

A few minutes later the air was filled with the chug of agricultural machines as the tractor club we saw late last year were out in convoy.

 photo NYD2015088.jpg

 photo NYD2015090.jpg

 photo NYD2015096.jpg

With my time running out before I needed to be home, I did a final walk round. The KTM now alongside a Sprite out the back.

 photo NYD2015098.jpg

 photo NYD2015108.jpg

 photo NYD2015110.jpg

 photo NYD2015112.jpg

Once again for the tenth year running I've started out at The Phoenix, lets see where the rest of 2015 takes me!