Sunday, 14 June 2015

Reading Buses open day

After a morning at the local school carboot sale we headed out to Reading for the afternoon. Reading Buses were once again throwing open their doors to let the public see how the depot works. Walking in the yard was full of modern buses from all the routes. Lily spent ages running in and out of most of them and trying out some drivers seats.

 photo bus01.jpg

Behind all the modern stuff were a few classic buses. The AEC Panarama a look back to a bygone age of A road trips and nasty upholstery.

 photo bus03.jpg

 photo bus04.jpg

 photo bus05.jpg

After a trip through the bus wash in a Pink route double decker we clambered up to the top deck of the oldest bus in the fleet. An AEC Regent from the 1930s.

 photo bus06.jpg

 photo bus09.jpg

Lily got to try out the fastest bus in the world, the cow poo powered machine hitting the dizzy heights of   80.73mph at Brooklands

 photo bus10.jpg

 photo bus11.jpg

We ended our day with a tour round the town on an old open top bus.

 photo bus13.jpg


Saturday, 6 June 2015

JK Open day

With Kim on hike training, Lily and I had some time to kill and with Just Kampers having another open day we set off in the Beetle. Sunshining and little traffic meant we were soon parking up next to the camping field.

 photo JKopen1501.jpg

 photo JKopen1502.jpg

After a snack we headed off to see the other cars and campers parked up.

 photo JKopen1504.jpg

 photo JKopen1505.jpg

 photo JKopen1507.jpg

Heading over to the trade area we had a quick look round, disappointingly the usual "damaged stock sale" was no where to be seen. In previous years we have picked up some useful bargains here. Grabbing a burger we sat down.

 photo JKopen1509.jpg

 photo JKopen1510.jpg

 photo JKopen1513.jpg

 photo JKopen1515.jpg

After a ride on the teacups we had a walk round the camp site. Some people were making a weekend of it. I'm not sure I could find enough to amuse Lily for three days!

 photo JKopen1519.jpg

 photo JKopen1521.jpg

 photo JKopen1523.jpg

Heading around to the workshop Lily took charge of the camera for a bit.

 photo JKopen1530.jpg

 photo JKopen1529.jpg

 photo JKopen1534.jpg

 photo JKopen1537.jpg

After seeing everything twice we decided to head home. Its nice for a local supplier to throw its doors open, but its changed a lot since the first event with a free BBQ and sale bargains. Times change I guess.