Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sunday doughnuts

The last few weeks the weather has once again been atrocious. Friday we had 80mph winds and horizontal rain. Thats why we decided to wait and see what the day had in store before venturing out. As it happens it was calm as a mill pond outside, just above freezing with clear blue skies. Sadly I didn't get my act together in time to get to the latest Brooklands breakfast meet, although if the comments I heard regarding the quality of the food and the length of the queues are true. I'm glad we didn't make the 7am start. Instead we opted for the ever faithful Krispy Kreme meet. Just after 10am we pulled off the A3 and past the already rammed carpark of the doughnut diner. Finding an empty side street we began the walk back.

 photo KKFeb01.jpg

 photo KKFeb02.jpg

 photo KKFeb04.jpg

The road outside was already heaving with some very nice American tin.

 photo KKFeb06.jpg

 photo KKFeb07.jpg

 photo KKFeb11.jpg

I grabbed a few photos before the cold and lure of sugar got to much and we headed inside. Ordering a dozen of the finest with the help of vouchercloud discount (= free drinkies) Lily picked what she wanted.

 photo KKFeb12.jpg

 photo KKFeb24.jpg

With an energy boost inside, we headed back out for a bit to snap some more cars. The place was brimming with regulars and a few new cars too. A bike engine Bond Bug was doing flypasts to keep the crowds amused.

 photo KKFeb17.jpg

 photo KKFeb22.jpg

 photo KKFeb30.jpg

 photo KKFeb34.jpg

 photo KKFeb37.jpg

With my sensible head on. I decided my car of the day was a sedate four door family saloon in blue. This
Pontiac Parisienne had a 4.6lt V8, plenty of space in the boot for all the luggage and a really cool horizontal speedo. A quick search online shows a nice looking one in California for about $15K

 photo KKFeb42.jpg

 photo KKFeb43.jpg

With the Brooklands event over, some friends popped by for a cuppa. Lily was getting tired so we nattered for a bit before heading out. The promise of seeing a Herbie kept her in check!

 photo KKFeb56.jpg

 photo KKFeb57.jpg

Sitting in and honking the horn completed her day and we struggled to tear her away when it was time to drive home.

 photo KKFeb58.jpg

With Lily asleep we cruised back, the sun in my eyes annoying, but so worth it to get a break from the constant rain. Hopefully the weather is on the turn at last.


Sunday, 2 February 2014

Fresh February Bracknell Meet

An unexpectedly sunny day in a week of downpours meant a trip out in the Camper. Bracknell beckoned and a cold carpark of Campers and Beetles.

 photo bracknell2.jpg

Luckily, several other people had the same idea and our corner of the carpark was full of a variety of Dubs.

 photo bracknell7.jpg

 photo bracknell3.jpg

New out was this tidy Crewcab, an ex Swedish railway work van it had lead a hard life and recently been restored.

 photo bracknell4.jpg

This Beetle clearly wasn't carry enough load in the suitcase to overcome the heavy weights under the bonnet!

 photo bracknell6.jpg

After a natter the sun was heading down and the temperature along with it, so I hightailed it home.