Sunday, 31 May 2015

The little Wally Campout

Another year rolls round and its time to start camping again. Starting off like last year I booked up a trio of pitches for us, Lily's friend Rupert and his family, our friend Steve and Kims old friend Emma. During the week the weather was slowly getting worse and Friday morning it dawned very damp. Undeterred the camper was packed and I headed the long way round to Wallingford.

 photo wallyMay1501.jpg

Rolling in we were given a new pitch under some trees and pitched. The last of the showers eased up and the sun came out. With the three pitches filled we lazed out for the afternoon. The kids running together and the first of many trips to the old tractor.

 photo wallyMay1503.jpg

 photo wallyMay1505.jpg

 photo wallyMay1507.jpg

 photo wallyMay1509.jpg

After tea the temperature dropped as we got the kids ready for bed. With them all eventually tucked up we donned a variety of blankets and honchos to stave off the cold.

 photo wallyMay1512.jpg

 photo wallyMay1515.jpg

After a few hours chatter and freezing cold by now, the adults clambered under layers to sleep. A chilly nights sleep dawned sunny and bright. Awake we rustled up breakfast and planned the day.

 photo wallyMay1516.jpg

 photo wallyMay1517.jpg

The plan was the same as most years. Slow wander int town. Look round the shops, get some lunch and picnic by the castle. Let the kids burn off some energy up the hills before getting some meat in for a BBQ and relaxing round the campsite. First stop the tractor.

 photo wallyMay1520.jpg

 photo wallyMay1521.jpg

 photo wallyMay1523.jpg

After raiding the charity and bookshops of town, Emma joined us from London for some food and a wander round the castle.

 photo wallyMay1529.jpg

 photo wallyMay1532.jpg

 photo wallyMay1535.jpg

 photo wallyMay1536.jpg

A trip to the local park gave the kids another chance to run around before we split up. Kelly took the kids back to the campsite for an ice cream. Kim and Emma headed for the fabric shop. Ian and myself headed for the local butchers. For years now we've been getting fantastic meat for here and once again they came up trumps with burgers, minted chops, sausages and ribs. A brief stop in the supermarket saw everything for a grand meal. Back on the camp, the kids were now providing a puppet show before the coals were heated and the cooking started.

 photo wallyMay1543.jpg

 photo wallyMay1544.jpg

 photo wallyMay1546.jpg

 photo wallyMay1547.jpg

 photo wallyMay1549.jpg

We dined well. There was nothing left and everyone was stuffed. Once again kids were dispatched to bed and we wrapped up for another nights nattering. The conversation was very random and never to be repeated! As the sun set the camp was quite again. The predicted rain that had threatened the spoil the weekend finally arrived about 11pm

 photo wallyMay1550.jpg

 photo wallyMay1551.jpg

 photo wallyMay1552.jpg

 photo wallyMay1553.jpg

Sunday was wet, the rain came down as we got up, but eased enough for a"finish up the leftovers" breakfast before packing away damp.

  photo wallyMay1555.jpg

 photo wallyMay1556.jpg

 photo wallyMay1559.jpg

Much bird poo was scrapped off the awning and gazebo (note to self, avoid those trees next time!) And we slowly loaded the Camper. With Kim on hike training, Lily and I headed off home, by the end of town she was asleep and only woke as I backed on the drive.

 photo wallyMay1563.jpg

The sun shone as we arrived home so I rebuilt the camp in the garden to hose off and dry everything. Our next camp is over a month away at the moment. We can't wait.


Sunday, 24 May 2015

Daddy daughter day at the White Lion Meet

With Kim out on a walk, Lily and I decided to head over to the White Lion meet. I gave her the choice of Dub and she picked the Beetle. Cruising down the back roads we arrived at what we thought was a sensible time....the carpark was now rammed and we were on the end of a second row at the far end of the field! Being Porsche day there was a glut of 911s as well as a handful of front engined cars.

 photo WhiteLionMay1501.jpg

 photo WhiteLionMay1502.jpg

We watched as more cars arrived before starting our walk around the field.

 photo WhiteLionMay1504.jpg

 photo WhiteLionMay1510.jpg

 photo WhiteLionMay1514.jpg

 photo WhiteLionMay1518.jpg

 photo WhiteLionMay1525.jpg

 photo WhiteLionMay1528.jpg

 photo WhiteLionMay1534.jpg

Next it was into the carpark proper. Lily's goal was the antiques centre for a look round, I managed to steer her through countless 911s and E Types first

 photo WhiteLionMay1536.jpg

 photo WhiteLionMay1541.jpg

 photo WhiteLionMay1542.jpg

 photo WhiteLionMay1546.jpg

 photo WhiteLionMay1547.jpg

 photo WhiteLionMay1561.jpg

After a brief interlude looking in display cases we grabbed a breakfast bap and headed back to the Beetle for a sit down.

 photo WhiteLionMay1564.jpg

 photo WhiteLionMay1568.jpg

 photo WhiteLionMay1569.jpg

 photo WhiteLionMay1571.jpg

After a rest it was time to head on, we trailed behind a pair of Corvettes before pootling along the A30 home.

 photo WhiteLionMay1577.jpg


Saturday, 23 May 2015

Dose of Vintage

A few months back we went to one of the many Crotch Cooler meets that are held across the South. It was at the Departure Lounge in Alton. Advertised there was a vintage and retro fair with a classic car meet attached and all on Kims birthday. So after breakfast and present unwrapping, and with Kim and Lily dressed for the day we headed over in the Camper. We decided against pre-booking as they wanted everyone parked up before 9am and no moving until later afternoon, so I was a bit surprised to be waved into the show at 11am.

 photo Vintage01.jpg

Parked with some hotrods and Americana we headed up the hill. The cars were interspersed with the stalls so there was something to see all round.

 photo Vintage02.jpg

 photo Vintage05.jpg

 photo Vintage08.jpg

 photo Vintage10.jpg

 photo Vintage12.jpg

Lily was in her element pushing her retro buggy around (for a bit, until she got tired and everyone including Granny had a go pushing)

 photo Vintage16.jpg

 photo Vintage18.jpg

 photo Vintage19.jpg

 photo Vintage20.jpg

This old Bedford camper was period perfect. So many cool touches.

 photo Vintage28.jpg

 photo Vintage29.jpg

 photo Vintage31.jpg

 photo Vintage38.jpg

 photo Vintage40.jpg

 photo Vintage41.jpg

 photo Vintage43.jpg

We stopped for ice creams from a dinky caravan before a tired Lily meant an early lunch.

 photo Vintage46.jpg

 photo Vintage47.jpg

We listened the bands for a bit before a final wander round and the trip home.

 photo Vintage51.jpg

 photo Vintage53.jpg

 photo Vintage56.jpg

 photo Vintage60.jpg

They could have done with a few more stalls perhaps and the cars staying around longer, but for a free show we really can't grumble.