Sunday, 21 December 2014

Festive doughnuts

What better way to end the year than with a round of doughnuts and coffee surrounded by cool old cars. We ventured up the A3 with the usual suspects to the New Maldon diner. The roads and carparks heaving with Americana.

 photo KKDEC1402.jpg

 photo KKDEC1404.jpg

 photo KKDEC1408.jpg

 photo KKDEC1413.jpg

We bumped into a few LTVers who come up for the morning. And headed across the road for some warmth.

 photo KKDEC1407.jpg

 photo KKDEC1418.jpg

 photo KKDEC1423.jpg

Inside we had a quick drink and some sugary treats, but were sadly driven back out to the cold by the ridiculously load music blaring out. I understand that its a 50/60s feel to the meet with the various cars and now the dancers, but it made talking impossible!

 photo KKDEC1426.jpg

 photo KKDEC1428.jpg

 photo KKDEC1432.jpg

 photo KKDEC1444.jpg

 photo KKDEC1450.jpg

The boys in blue turned up for a brew. How ironic, the Police going to a doughnut shop!

 photo KKDEC1453.jpg

 photo KKDEC1455.jpg

 photo KKDEC1456.jpg

With it getting colder and the music louder we headed home via KFC. The end of another bumper year of camping and carshows, racing and rallying. Roll on 2015


Sunday, 7 December 2014

Bikers Toy Run

Once again I found myself standing in the middle of the road on the first Sunday of December. Dr Barnados Toy Run was blessed with fine weather as the 2pm road closure drew near. Hundreds of people lined the roundabout and adjoining roads as the first tinsel clad bikers cruised past. Trikes and quads led the way.

 photo ToyRun001.jpg

 photo ToyRun005.jpg

 photo ToyRun010.jpg

 photo ToyRun022.jpg

 photo ToyRun025.jpg

Next it was the bikers. Fancy dress is almost compulsory with Minions a big hit this year.

 photo ToyRun038.jpg

 photo ToyRun041.jpg

 photo ToyRun052.jpg

 photo ToyRun060.jpg

 photo ToyRun063.jpg

 photo ToyRun069.jpg

 photo ToyRun075.jpg

 photo ToyRun071.jpg

 photo ToyRun085.jpg

 photo ToyRun090.jpg

 photo ToyRun098.jpg

 photo ToyRun102.jpg

 photo ToyRun110.jpg

 photo ToyRun122.jpg

 photo ToyRun129.jpg

 photo ToyRun137.jpg

 photo ToyRun148.jpg

 photo ToyRun156.jpg

 photo ToyRun165.jpg

Horns honked, children cheered and sweets flew into the crowd until the last of the near 2000 machines had trundled past. Every year it seems to be bigger and better supported. Long may it continue.