Saturday, 29 March 2014

Daddy Daughter day at Volksworld

Last year it was hats, scarves and boots for the snow, this year it was short sleeves as the sun shone down on the Volksworld Show at Sandown Race course. We've done, family days, couple days and solo days at the show, this year it was the turn of a duo. Myself and Lily packed a lunch (with Kims help) and headed down the A3 to the show, the traffic was simply awful. We'd left in what I thought was plenty of time to get in including the queuing, but I hadn't banked on the last mile taking 90 minutes and the main carpark being shut. We followed the signs round the back to the campsite and parked there meaning a longer walk in but no queue for tickets. Once in we made a beeline for the club stand to dump our heavy lunch bag before exploring, first up the main hall.

 photo VWShow001.jpg

 photo VWShow003.jpg

 photo VWShow005.jpg

With the crowds well up we ventured outside for some space and walked the SSVC lines.

 photo VWShow016.jpg

 photo VWShow018.jpg

 photo VWShow023.jpg

 photo VWShow024.jpg

With a rumbling tummy we decided to make our way back to the club stand for lunch via one of the big displays inside. A period paddock with race and rally Beetles lined up.

 photo VWShow028.jpg

 photo VWShow030.jpg

With stomachs full again and an ice cream needed we walked the long way round the club area to the van, a choc fudge with flake the messy order of the day.

 photo VWShow033.jpg

 photo VWShow039.jpg

 photo VWShow041.jpg

 photo VWShow043.jpg

 photo VWShow049.jpg

Suitably cleaned up we ventured into the lower hall to see the buggies and Campers. Buggy of the day had to go to Burning Steamroller, a solid square that was all tyres and wing.

 photo VWShow051.jpg

 photo VWShow055.jpg

 photo VWShow059.jpg

 photo VWShow060.jpg

 photo VWShow062.jpg

Heading up a level brought us to the other side of the period car paddocks and the showroom, this year celebrating the Bay window camper with a complimentary 1967 brochure at the end.

 photo VWShow066.jpg

 photo VWShow068.jpg

 photo VWShow070.jpg

 photo VWShow074.jpg

We did a quick bit of shopping for Lily, she picked a bright pink T25 cushion (despite the blue EB ones there!) Then it was outside once more for some sun and air.

 photo VWShow079.jpg

 photo VWShow084.jpg

We even headed out the front for a look at the Campers lined up there, the for sale and carparks eluded us, time and tiredness fast running out.

 photo VWShow088.jpg

 photo VWShow097.jpg

 photo VWShow096.jpg

Our final visit to the stand was to get the bags and say goodbye, Lily was flagging and we needed to escape the traffic leaving. The beauty of being parked out the back is no queues to leave, within 10 minutes we were on the A3, she was fast asleep and we cruised home. The VW world seems rosy, visitor numbers we huge, show cars and clubs everywhere and the sun shining. What more do you need?

 photo VWShow048.jpg


Sunday, 16 March 2014

Cordwallis VW Meet

With heavy rain and flooding starting the year. A VW meet in early March looked like a damp affair. But the weather has finally started to turn. Making a perfect day for the first Cordwallis VW Meet. The company is the local VW van and lorry specialist and supporter of local shows, they turned their yard into a huge carpark, by 10:30am it was full up with a selection of air and watercooled vans and cars. We cruised in from home, a mere 10 minutes away. With a small convoy from LTV.

 photo Cordwallis19.jpg

 photo Cordwallis01.jpg

 photo Cordwallis02.jpg

Once the yard was full, it was safe for me and Lily to go exploring, she wandered lines of Campers, leading the way.

 photo Cordwallis06.jpg

 photo Cordwallis07.jpg

 photo Cordwallis12.jpg

Mastering the basics of Camper evolution.

 photo Cordwallis14.jpg

 photo Cordwallis15.jpg

 photo Cordwallis18.jpg

 Back at the Camper I nattered while Lily brummed. Paul though decided to lock his keys in the boot of his Rocco along with the club membership paperwork. Window smashing and an £80 taxi ride to gain access were no goes.

 photo Cordwallis31.jpg

 photo Cordwallis32.jpg

Fortunately, a nice RAC man arrived and using a top secret access method returned the keys within a few minutes. He was bribed with an ice cream to keep his mouth shut, but I'm guessing the tale is being shared with all the other patrols.

 photo Cordwallis34.jpg

We dined on a huge burger and ice creams and sat back to watch the world go by. Lily retreated to the shade of Pabs poptop for a bit, leaving me to have another quick walk round.

 photo Cordwallis35.jpg

 photo Cordwallis37.jpg

 photo Cordwallis39.jpg

 photo Cordwallis41.jpg

The Cordwallis crew did a great job, it was a real scorcher of a day (for March anyway) and it was ice creams all round.

 photo Cordwallis43.jpg

With another walk round done and Lily getting tired (and the fact it was nearly GP time on TV) we decided to head home. A brilliant day out. It might have been a concrete yard, but the team put all the right things in place. Good Dubs, good company and good weather.

 photo Cordwallis44.jpg


Sunday, 2 March 2014

Crotch Coolers meet

We woke up this morning with nothing to do. A glance at the weather showed it was going to be ok most of the morning so we decided to chance a trip to Alton and one of the Crotch Cooler meets. Different from normal classic car meets, this one roams around venues adding a cruise and breakfast into the mix. We opted out of the cruise and headed straight for the departure lounge cafe on the outskirts of Alton. Squelching across the muddy field we parked with a line of Dubs.

 photo Coolers01.jpg

Went in and joined the vast queue for food.  A sausage sarnie took almost an hour to arrive, but it was tasty and gave us a chance to natter.

 photo Coolers02.jpg

Back outside the cruise had arrived and made a couple of lines, some interesting motors from big rigs through to an Allegro Police car.

 photo Coolers06.jpg

 photo Coolers10.jpg

 photo Coolers20.jpg

 photo Coolers23.jpg

It was cold and blowy so we kept moving to stay warm,

 photo Coolers29.jpg

 photo Coolers36.jpg

Lily went exploring in the truck. It was huge with no power steering and 13 gears.

 photo Coolers47.jpg

 photo Coolers46.jpg

As we came to leave, Alan had taken a shine to the truck and moved Alf alongside for a photo.

 photo Coolers48.jpg

I did say the field was muddy.

 photo Coolers49.jpg

With a shove from a group of chaps, we got him off the field leaving just a dirty skidmark behind. The meet wasn't big, but the varied locations they stop at means we've bookmarked them for the future.