Saturday, 10 October 2015

Quick trip to Thatcham

Its the season of childrens birthday parties at the moment. Lily has three to go to this weekend which meant only a short trip to Thatcham for the Classic & Sportscar show was possible. The camper was fired up for the first time in weeks and we plodded along the A4. The field was already half full so we got a space and went for a wander.

 photo Thatcham1501.jpg

 photo Thatcham1506.jpg

 photo Thatcham1509.jpg

Show organiser Martin is a keen Land Rover man and several were parked up with his along with an old favourite, a classic QTR truck.

 photo Thatcham1510.jpg

 photo Thatcham1503.jpg

 photo Thatcham1504.jpg

Classic bikes were also out and the owner of this 1954 BSA Bantam let Lily try it for size.

 photo Thatcham1511.jpg

From the bikes we started a long walk back through the show to the playground.

 photo Thatcham1512.jpg

 photo Thatcham1520.jpg

 photo Thatcham1531.jpg

 photo Thatcham1533.jpg

 photo Thatcham1535.jpg

 photo Thatcham1538.jpg

 Cars of the show for me were the pair of Lancias that arrived just after us. A Flavia and Flaminia.

 photo Thatcham1543.jpg

 photo Thatcham1544.jpg

 photo Thatcham1547.jpg

 photo Thatcham1549.jpg

 photo Thatcham1551.jpg

A group of Lotus arrived together and showed a wide range of the latest cars from Hethel.

 photo Thatcham1552.jpg

 photo Thatcham1553.jpg

 photo Thatcham1554.jpg

 photo Thatcham1556.jpg

 photo Thatcham1561.jpg

 photo Thatcham1567.jpg

 photo Thatcham1571.jpg

With time running out we had a last look around and Lily practised numbers and letters by reading numberplates.

 photo Thatcham1574.jpg

 photo Thatcham1576.jpg

 photo Thatcham1579.jpg

With it being five years since her first visit, we took another photo of her in front of the camper, this time she didn't need carrying!

 photo Thatcham1589.jpg