Sunday, 15 November 2015

The last White Lion meet

A few years ago we heard about a local classic car meet run by former BTCC racer Jerry Mahony. It was held in the carpark and adjacent field by his antiques centre on the A30. Unlike most breakfast meets it was themed each time, allowing a different marque or type of car to shine. After a comment a year ago about a VW themed event one joined the calendar for the penultimate event. Sadly December marks the end of the road for the meetings. The land is to be sold on for development and the space for a couple of hundred cars lost. Its a shame, but understandable, its prime land right on the A30, close to the M3 and London as well as Blackbushe airport. I had a quick chat to Jerry at the end of today and he was sad to see them ending.

 photo Whitelion01.jpg

For a VW themed meet it seemed right to bring both the Camper and Beetle along and we joined some fellow dubbers from LTV and other clubs to give a 20+ strong line up of Golfs, Campers and Beetles.

 photo Whitelion03.jpg

 photo Whitelion07.jpg

 photo Whitelion09.jpg

 photo Whitelion10.jpg

 photo Whitelion11.jpg

 photo Whitelion63.jpg

 photo Whitelion64.jpg

As we arrived and parked up we met with 911 owner and chum Steve for breakfast, with a chill in the air we headed inside to the cafe instead of braving the outdoor stand. There was a bit of a wait, but coffee and sausage sarnies made up for it. Once stuffed we headed outside to explore.

 photo Whitelion05.jpg

 photo Whitelion12.jpg

 photo Whitelion21.jpg

This quartet of Deloreans added a space age feel to the carpark.

 photo Whitelion24.jpg

 photo Whitelion31.jpg

With good weather and the waterlogged field closed off, parking was becoming an issue, double parking the cars meant it was busy, but nobody grumbled and people were happy to move and allow others out when needed.

 photo Whitelion37.jpg

Jaguar Daimler as ever were well represented with E-Types and XKs lined up.

 photo Whitelion38.jpg

 photo Whitelion39.jpg

 photo Whitelion41.jpg

 photo Whitelion54.jpg

Later on a few very cool retro rides style cars appeared including this really low MGB.

 photo Whitelion49.jpg

 photo Whitelion50.jpg

 photo Whitelion51.jpg

As the carpark started to clear a few more cars pulled in, this Mini was a good colour match for the split. The pickup next it dwarfed the 60s look racer and its flatbed would have comfortably swallowed it whole.

 photo Whitelion68.jpg

 photo Whitelion69.jpg

With one last photo of the remaining trio of LTVers we headed off for home.

 photo Whitelion71.jpg

We'll do our best to make it to the Christmas meeting in December and see out the very last White Lion Antiques meeting.


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